Health and Well-being represents a unique opportunity for creating the change we seek, especially given our group’s experience and expertise. It is also unique in our understanding of societal systems because it bridges what we know through science with what we learn through our interdependent human experience, our shared humanity. As a result, the system of Health and Well-Being will be broadly influential in changing our modern society. We will put extraordinary attention and effort here.

Cornerstone Collaboration will pursue transformation through efforts in the following domains: health sector finance and policy, health informatics and enabling technologies, community and workplace, healthcare systems, whole health education, and population health.

  • Partnering with Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) to develop the first Doctorate in the nation on Whole Health Leadership. The goal is to educate change agents in the transformation to Whole Health across the nation.
  • Worked with the leadership across Virginia Tech to help define the field of Whole Health, the opportunity for their research institution, and begin to build their strategy. They have now launched their Whole Health Consortium, with a focus on fostering interdisciplinary and interagency collaborations, initially focused on mental health.
  • Proud co-hosts of the first annual Whole Health Conference for health care professionals October 25-27, 2024, in San Diego, California.
  • Invited Design Team Members for a two-year initiative of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York - National Investment Strategy to Increase Equitable Well-Being in the U.S.


We continue to explore opportunities with like-minded people and organizations through dialogue, interviews, and landscape reviews.


Imagine a day when...

healthcare systems are reimbursed for improving health and well-being

Well-Being Centers focused on skill-building and support are the center of healthcare; clinics and hospitals help in advancing and sustaining well-being

peer groups that support people in living Whole Health are present in every community

Whole Health is integrated into neighborhood life, schools, and work places

healthcare uses the best that medical science and the art of healing have to offer, and is not limited by reductionistic thinking

the job of healthcare is to help all people explore their meaning and purpose and address every aspect of their health and well-being so that they can live their most meaningful life

the cost of healthcare is significantly reduced and is no longer crippling our nation