We have three preparatory and three action methods, which work together to launch the transformational effort. Here is how this works:

Preparatory Methods:

1. We use system mapping and force field analyses to provide systems thinking discipline.  We work to understand the system's purpose, interconnections, structure and other characteristics. 

2. We then reach out to credible groups and leaders who are working to accomplish system change and begin to learn from ongoing efforts.

3. From this process, we begin to leverage partnerships – we reach out , begin to build relationships and think together in the context of a shared vision. We identify existing and potential Living Laboratories and Pilots.

Action Methods:

1. We then convene, catalyze and cultivate leaders. In a highly experiential process that is both personal and collective, these change agents will be guided to envision the future state, and begin to explore synergies and alignments with the other participants. Through this process, a shared vision of the transformed state will be developed, as will specific priorities and the Living Laboratories that will be necessary. These proceedings will be summarized in a white paper, which will be shared broadly.

2. Once identified, the Living Laboratories and pilots will then be cultivated. We will contribute, lead, or launch these efforts, as needed.

3. Building from the foundation of the convenings and the living laboratories, a Knowledge and Resource Network will be developed. This Network will continue to share ideas, support each other, and integrate efforts and living laboratories for collective learning. These Networks create the nexus for Rehumanizing Societal Systems nationally, and beyond.

From this process, we will identify a core group of leaders who are on fire to drive this system change, and together have the skill sets necessary to do so. They will either form or join a Collaborative that is focused on the system in which they are experts. The Collaborative will be responsible for the ongoing work of this system transformation, including the launch, oversight and/or contribution to Living Laboratories, as well as the Knowledge and Resource Networks.