We know that health and well-being does not exist in a vacuum. To fully effect societal change, we must work to transform multiple systems. To that end, Cornerstone Collaboration has established the following priorities.

Deep Dive into the Cornerstones: Exploring the unifying principles that will further inform our strategies and tactics

Explore each of the four cornerstones and the relationships between them. We will identify the tools needed for system mapping and force field analyses as well as effective approaches to instill human values in our daily lives and societal systems. Convene experts and thought leaders, capturing and summarizing thoughts and ideas in papers which will be shared broadly. Informed by what we learn, we will evolve our strategies and tactics for our approach and methods, beginning with the Whole Health Collaborative.

Tackling a Specific Societal System: Standing up the Whole Health Collaborative and launching its Living Laboratory

The Whole Health Collaborative will use the Whole Health approach to humanize the system of Health and Well-Being. Building upon our successful VA work and other Whole Health related efforts, we will evolve, model, research, and demonstrate this approach with a community partner in a Living Laboratory. Together we will demonstrate how a community can own and transform their health and well-being.

Our Living Laboratory will be sustainable, identifying and finding solutions to systemic problems. It will be a platform for national change.

Advancing the Methods: Convening, Catalyzing, and Cultivating Leaders

We will convene leaders and change agents who are working to change society in a transformational place and process. This will be grounded in an opportunity to reconnect with one’s own humanity, and in this context, explore the integration or alignment of their efforts in societal change.

Each convening will create the foundation of a Knowledge and Resource Network, a group of leaders and a rich synthesis of learnings and experience, that can be a resource to others embarking on system transformation.