Frequent Questions

1. Isn't your mission impractically broad, like trying to boil the ocean?

We don't think so. To the contrary, we think many thoughtful, well-intended efforts to change the course of our society are too narrow or not ambitious enough. They are often interventions in existing systems that are at best unsustainable, and at worst have unintended consequences. Complex and interactive system failures require whole system approaches. Boldly articulating and pursuing such a goal is essential to rebalance society.

2. What makes you different from others out to change the world?

· We are focused on simultaneously changing human behaviors and the societal systems that influence and amplify them.

· We will not be satisfied with incremental progress. Reimagined systems and the associated behaviors are the goal.

· Our emphasis on finding and supporting or creating demonstrations, pilots, and living laboratories that show us what a reimagined system and behaviors look like, and what it will take to sustain them.

· Our advocacy for extensive knowledge and resource networks to facilitate systems and behavioral change, learning, collective action, and scaling.

· Our commitment to development and sustainment of a workforce that is competent in removing barriers to system and behavioral change.

3. What do you do, exactly?

We work to find and connect on-going efforts focused on systems and behavior change. We focus on the societal systems of healthcare, economics, education, politics, and our development and use of technology. The goal of connecting individuals, groups, networks, organizations, and institutions is to enable mutual learning, and impactful collective action. The goal of that learning and action is to change the direction of our society, bending it toward greater compassion, fairness, honesty, and trust.