These foundations, upon which all our work is built. are basic and indispensable.


Human Values: 

We believe there are values rooted in the spiritual facet of human existence that are universal. We characterize them as: compassion, fairness, honesty, and trust.  

The changes we seek in individual behaviors and societal systems will produce outcomes that are demonstrably more compassionate, fair, honest, and trustworthy. 

We are committed to living by these values in all that we and future members of our Collaboration do, both personally and as an organization.


Humanizing Experiences: 

We believe that change at the societal level must be grounded in change at the personal level. The source of many of our societal challenges is that we have become increasingly disconnected from our own humanity.   

Essential to all of our work will be the opportunity for individuals and organizations to experience the spiritual nature of their being, whatever that is for them.   

From these experiences, greater compassion, fairness, honesty, and trust will be cultivated both at the individual level, and the system level.  

The result of this humanization will be tangible, measurable changes in outcomes.     


Principles of Systems Change: 

We will learn from those who are applying systems thinking to the tasks of individual behavioral and societal system change and build on our own previous experience. 

We will apply these principles and share new insights.  


Societal Systems: 

We will identify the societal systems that we have created to enable our modern way of life and we will work to humanize them. 

Initially, we will prioritize the following systems: 

Health and Well-Being  (Healthcare)

Technology  (How we develop, adopt and use technologies)


Governance (Politics)