Our mission is to catalyze and accelerate a change in society by humanizing individual behaviors and societal systems.  

This change will enable people to thrive and society to flourish, resulting in:

  • improved physical, mental, and spiritual well-being throughout our society.

  • highly functional societal systems that put a priority on human values in how they operate.

  • increased benefit to humanity and life on earth from all our world's resources.

We believe this is the Age of Human Choice.  Today, we are deciding if we want to live in a world of our own making or one in respectful cooperation with each other and the universe that gave us life. 

We and the large, complex, interconnected, interactive societal systems we have created to enable our modern way of life have produced material abundance and other far more significant benefits.  They have also fostered spiritual poverty, lives that for many are increasingly detached from what is good in us, good for us and that which connects us all.  Symbolic of what ails us are enormous concentrations of wealth and authority, untempered pursuit of efficiency and competition, and systems that have become so large and complex that they defy our understanding and influence.  This is dehumanizing.  So too are the results of our ignorance and arrogance, overconsumption, and disrespect for life in all its miraculous forms. 

We believe that there is an alternative in this Age of Human Choice that requires a dramatic shift in our individual behaviors along with re-envisioning and remaking of the modern societal systems that influence them.  Both must become more human.  To do so they must be rebalanced in the direction of far greater compassion, fairness, honesty, and trust.   

From this rebalancing, affirmation of the importance of each life should flow.  Recognition and appreciation that everyone deserves to be seen and heard will result.  A more human way of living will remind us of our connection with one another, nature, and all living things as well as our interdependence.  A profound sense of purpose as well as greater humility, respect, and responsibility will be the outcome.  Such change will give us hope in our future.